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Mobile application rabota.md

To be successful in the modern world we need to have a 24/24 hours connection. Many websites have already get mobile versions, but it is not always convenient because they have limited functionality.

Particularly for the website rabota.md we have developed a completely new mobile application. It consists of a comfortable vacancies search, the ability to add it to the list of favorites, subscription and selective search according to the regions needed. The application works with both iOS and Android. Now rabota.md is in your pocket and is always accessible.

It is planned in the near future to add the possibility to edit and add to the website your own Resume its subsequent tracking. In addition, our company, at the request of rabota.md plans to launch a second version of the mobile application, which will include more possibilities.

Andrew Vloscinschi
Due to the staff of the Internet laboratory iLab there appeared at us an interesting and informative mobile application. We would like to express our gratitude for the enormous efficiency, attention and quality of work.
Мобильное приложение rabota.md
Мобильное приложение rabota.md
Website for Aluprime Facade Systems

Aluprime is a company that supplies the Romanian market with materials for cladding facades of world industry leaders. We have developed a bright, memorable website where it is easy to find the necessary information about materials and about the company. All the necessary accents are highlighted in color and attract user’s attention.

The website looks simple and clear, however there are numerous internal links and a complicated, but convenient, control panel behind it. We believe that the main requirement of a website, which brings money, is to easily and briefly present a large amount of materials. On aluprime.ro website, each user finds what he/she is looking for and does not learn the information he/she does not need. We are sure that the website will bring new customers to the company!

Service of delivery goods by travellers BuyTheWay

Do you want any product we have no in sale? Is it possible to bring it from abroad? Website buytheway.io is your connection with travelers, who may bring it. We developed user-friendly website with well-thought-out system of payment. We take the money not until you confirm the delivery.

Golubencov Victor, Executive Director BuyTheWay
We are deeply indebted to ilab.md company for its help with implementation of our idea, that is service for bringing goods by travelers buytheway.io. That is our first project and in the very beginning we had a lot of amateurish questions. The ilab.md team helped us with them and taught us the basics of web-design and developing websites. Ilab.md team showed us that they have no unsolvable problems in the sphere of web-coding and website development during collaborative work. All our wishes and suggestions were taken into complete account and we thank them for that.
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Сервис доставки товаров путешественниками BuyTheWay
Сервис доставки товаров путешественниками BuyTheWay
Website development for a recruitment company

Before starting work on the website, we define its target audience and function. Therefore, we offered a simple landing to the company, which selects the staff. We have carefully worked out the layout of elements and the design of page, so that visitors could quickly see the information about the company and easily find out how to leave a request.

Mantishr.ro is a website with a concise design that briefly and clearly represents the information needed to start collaboration. Each visitor understands what the company does, what experience it has and what they say about it. Nothing extra! Only what is really important!

Customer reviews

Eugene NEDBAILO, IMC Malta LTD / General manager

Internet MobileCommunications (Malta) Ltd

Golubencov Victor, Executive Director


Maria Aramă, Marketing director


Vlad Condriuc, Webmaster


Ana Chicu, Marketing director

Comsales Grup

Vladimir Bosneac, Director


Serghei Ianioglo, Marketing Director

FBS Group

Michail Babaev, CEO


Tatiana Rusnac, Director


Victor Cucinschi, Director

Happy Cleaning

Artem Baboglo, Director of Inbound Travel

Upjet Travel Group

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